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Among various major problems being faced these days by the society one is water scarcity problem. It is a problem, which is having its influence around the globe. Though, the earth is composed of more than 75% of the area with water, but still many of us facing its scarcity. So, there is a big need to think something unique and interesting to fight with this emerging problem.

Area where water is having its great significance is in drinking. One can’t survive for a single day if kept away from water. So, it will be better to find some alternate for this nectar of humans soon. To save water, best alternate according to me is drink beer as much as possible. As drinking beer will not only help in saving water, but also it will make us be without any kind of tensions in our mind, which can’t be expected from water.

There are various areas in which beer can be helpful to the drinker. Some of those are:

1-  It is very much rich in vitamins, especially B and minerals like magnesium. It is also having some flavonoids.

2-  Researchers have said that beer is really very much helpful in diagnosing any heart disease.

3-  Drinking beer is also very helpful in increasing the HDL cholesterol level up to a desired level.

4-  Drinking beer will reduce the possibility of having stones in the kidney.  It is said that beer drinkers have 40% less risk of stone than that of non-drinkers.

5-  The chromosomal loss to the body due to X-Ray can be minimized by drinking this liquid bread.

6-  Beer has lots of fiber in it, which is sufficient for the human body.

7-  Beer thins the blood which increases its circulation in brain and therefore prevents any stroke due to tiny blood clot.

8-  The presence of Lactoflavin and nicotinic acid in beer prevents insomnia and helps one to get slept with full peace.

9-  The best advantage of drinking beer is that it reduces lots of stress from our mind, which is very much important for a healthy life.

So, after reading these points it is sure that beer is not that much evil, and when we are facing lots of problems regarding drinking water, then why can’t we introduce beer instead of it? I think people should get beer connection at their home with some pipeline, like water.

At last I just want to say: “A Mug of beer a day keeps all fear away.” Cheers!!

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Save Water- Drink Beer

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Save Water- Drink Beer

This article was published on 2012/04/17