Lose Your Beer Gut - 5 Proven Beer Gut Busters

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Let's be honest, having a beer gut is a cause for embarrassment; but more importantly, it also cuts years out of one's life. Though beer is not the sole reason for having a pot belly or belly fat, it certainly is one of the culprits as it packs a lot of calories. These tips, which include 5 proven beer gut busters, will help you lose ugly stomach fat, and will show you the way to those sleek abs you've always yearned for.  

Have you ever wondered why some people drink a lot of alcohol resulting in a beer gut?  

Studies have found that heavy drinkers turn to alcohol to fill a void in their lives and to escape from problems. These individuals are usually prone to depression and low self-esteem. However, some alcohol-related problems can also be genetic or inherited.  

What are the 5 proven beer gut busters that will help you forever lose your beer gut?

1.  For starters, work on boosting your self-esteem by focusing on your successes, instead of on your failures. If you are depressed, seek help if you need to, so you can stop using alcohol as a crutch.

2.  Practice good posture. Sitting up and standing straight will not only help tighten stomach muscles and stabilize your lower back, but will also make you look less heavy.

3.  Peel off pounds by eating 5-6 small healthy meals a day; all these meals should be of the same size. Spreading calorie intake throughout the day is an excellent strategy to lose weight.

4.  Remember to eat enough quality protein daily. Here's why. You not only burn more calories digesting it, but protein also creates a feeling of fullness longer. Beans are a good source of protein and so are grass fed meats and whole free-range organic eggs.

5.  It is no big secret that exercise is an important beer gut buster. Needless to say, the correct workout is critical. Avoid doing the long, boring traditional cardio, useless abs crunches and ineffective leg raises. These do not help burn stubborn belly fat, they only exercise abdominal muscles. Full body, multi-joint workouts are what really work to lose the beer gut fast.

Here are some tasty mid-meals you're sure to enjoy: Avocado slices wrapped in sliced turkey breast, cottage cheese with fruits and nuts, apple with almond butter, celery sticks with organic peanut butter.

Don't overlook healthy fat intake from nuts, olive oil, avocados, wild fish or fish oil, and the like. Make a   conscious effort to make high fiber vegetables (avocado, broccoli, celery) and fruits (raspberries, papaya, apples) your main source of carbs. This much is clear: Eating the wrong carbs will only increase your need to eat more.

We should all know better than to waste money on useless dietary supplements and phony fat burner pills. Let's face it: There is absolutely no doubt that for long term success, people lose the beer gut through real workouts and real nutrition strategies.

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Lose Your Beer Gut - 5 Proven Beer Gut Busters

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This article was published on 2010/03/27