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Kronenbourg 1664 is a beer manufacturing brewery which was founded by Hatt Geronimus in 1664 in Strasbourg, it was initially known as the Hatt Brewery. This company is actually now owned by one of the most famous beer manufacturing companies in the world which is the Carlsberg Group. The brand Kronenbourg is a pale lager beer, which is one of the most selling lager brand all over France. A pale lager normally is a golden to pale colored beer, which has a body that is well attenuated and a noble hop bitter taste of varying degree.

Geronimus Hatt obtained his certificate of Master Brewer in 1664, and he was the one who started a place known as the Canon Brewery in Strasbourg. He was succeeded by Claude, his son in 1683, but the frequent flooding near the areas of River III compelled him to move to a higher terrain in 1850 in Cronenbourg. Kronenbourg Blanc Beer is considered as one of the best larger beers available all over the world. Larger beer actually originated in Germany, but the art of brewing beer has passed on since and spread all over the world. Almost 90% of beer produced in America is lager beer, which has an alcohol content of around 3-4 percent, and has an amazing taste which is refreshing.

The bitterness in this beer is what makes this beer unique, there are many people love to drink lager beer just for it’s bitter taste. Though not many may prefer drinking lager, Kronenbourg Blanc beer is considered among the few lager beers which are actually good and loved by many. People who drink ale don’t like lager beer, they don’t like the taste of lager’s but even among ale lovers there are some who would drink Kronenbourg 1664 and enjoy it as well.

Such larger are made by breaking down the starch from the rice into fermentable sugar, which is done in the process of mashing, no byproducts are produced which would add body or color to the lager beer. This is why most lager brewers make use of rice, to let the beer be light in color and thin while at the same time maintaining a relatively high alcohol content. The beer produced by Kronenbourg are among the best lagers produced, and loved by many. This beer has a unique taste and bitterness to it which every beer lover would definitely enjoy.

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Kronenbourg Blanc Beer and Kronenbourg 1664 is considered as one of the best larger beers available all over the world.

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Kronenbourg 1664

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Kronenbourg 1664

This article was published on 2012/05/02